Poll: Trump Gets Best Approval Rating In 7 Months

President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit it’s highest level in seven months. The poll shows 40 percent said they approve of the job Trump is doing

Quinnipiac University National Poll indicates that President Trump has hit his highest approval ratings in seven months. This is Trump’s highest approval rating, which marks 40 percent.

Moreover, 48 percent of Americans polled claim that President Trump is responsible for our great economy, while 41 of them say Obama deserves more credit.

The president’s ratings were bolstered by high positive numbers related to the economy. In the Feb. 2-5 survey, a total of 70 percent of American voters said the economy is “excellent” or “good,” the highest rating since Quinnipiac University first asked the question in 2001 and up from 66 percent “excellent” or “good” responses on Jan. 10.

Earlier today, we reported on a story about unemployment claims, which is currently at their lowest number in 45 years. Wages in America also grew in January 2018 at the quickest rate since 2009, writes Daily Caller.

And in at least half of American states, wages have increased by three percent.

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