Trump awards Medal of Freedom to NBA legend Bob Cousy

President Trump awarded another Medal of Freedom today. The recipient of the medal is legendary NBA player Bob Cousy.

President Trump welcomed Cousy, who was a former player for Boston Celtics, to the Oval Office to award him the Medal of Freedom.

The Hill reported that Trump recognized Cousy for his NBA career in addition to his work organizing the NBA Players Association and as a leading advocate for racial equality.

Throughout his career, he was a voice against prejudice racism and bigotry,” Trump said. In addition, Trump called Cousy an “all-time great” and an “inspiration to us all.”

Cousy thanked Trump after receiving the medal, joking, “If I’d known I was going to be eulogized I would probably have done the only decent thing and died for you.”  

Mr. President, I know in your world you’re well on the way to making America great again. In my world, it’s been great for 91 years. Only in America could my story have been told,” Cousy said, calling himself the “most lucky S.O.B. on the planet.

He choked up as he spoke about his family and called Trump “the most extraordinary president in my lifetime.

What a great deed by President Trump. Bob Cousy definitely deserved an award like this.

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