Trump’s Latest Attack On Nancy Pelosi Drives Libs Crazy

President Donald Trump launched another attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this time questioning her mental stability and fitness for office.

“But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she’s crazy as a … as a bed bug,” Trump said during an interview with Fox & Friends. “She is nuts. What she’s doing — and she’s not talented. She’s highly overrated. All she’s doing is sitting. She’s not doing anything for the people. And now it turns out that the whole impeachment thing is a scam.”

President Trump reacted to five days of public impeachment hearings into his presidency. The House Speaker now must decide if and when to begin formal impeachment proceedings.

Previously, she stated that Trump has committed impeachable acts, but Dems would go “where the facts take us.”

House Dems’ impeachment inquiry centers on a July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. The call prompted an intelligence agency whistleblower to file a complaint alleging quid pro quo from the President of the United States.

“They must think we’re nuts in this country,” Trump said of people around the world watching the hearings. “The Democrats, they look like fools.”

The hearings have been held in the House Intelligence Committee, led by Chairman Adam Schiff.

“He’s sick, there’s something wrong with him,” Trump said.

The President’s remarks on Pelosi prompted harsh criticism from the left on Twitter:

“Well, given the history of bedbugs at his properties, he probably considers himself an expert on them.” wrote one user.

“Trump knows bedbugs” tweeted another user.

“He knows a thing or two about bedbugs” added another person.

“I’m confident Trump knows a lot about bedbugs, Pelosi is not crazy.” claimed another user.

“I know that Trump is an expert on bedbugs, having so many of them on his properties, but he is quite wrong on Pelosi.” insisted other person.

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