Trump Just Got A Huge Ally In The Intel Panel For Impeachment Probe

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced today that Rep. Jim Jordan will be placed on the House Intelligence Committee for the duration of the impeachment inquiry.

Jim Jordan currently serves as the top Republican on the Oversight and Reform Committee. In addition, he is a staunch Trump supporter. He will temporary take the place of Rick Crawford as House Democrats ramp up their investigation into Trump’s connection to Ukraine.

I am appointing @Jim_Jordan to the Intelligence Committee—which has now become the Impeachment Committee—where he will continue fighting for fairness and truth. @RepRickCrawford has been an exemplary member of the committee and will rejoin it when this Democrat charade is over. ” – announced McCarthy on Twitter.

The internet went wild over the announcement.

I’m sure Jim Jordan will be very helpful. He went to a second rate law school, never took the bar and doesn’t understand the Constitution. Wow. ” – one person tweeted.

There is undeniable evidence against Trump. He broke the law, he abused his power, he violated his oath, he EXTORTED a foreign country for personal gain. This isn’t a matter of if he did it. It’s a matter of seeing if Repubs care more about the Constitution & law or Trump’s ego. ” – another person tweeted.

Rep. Jeff Duncan tweeted, “This is excellent news. @Jim_Jordan is a fighter for the American people!

Another person tweeted, ” Good pick ! Adam Schiff needs to testify under oath. “

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