Trump Just Made His Prediction On Who Will Win Between Biden & Warren

President Trump admitted he made a mistake when he predicted that Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign would be ending soon. As you probably know, she continues to consistently poll towards the top of the crowded Democratic field.

President Trump went so far that he even said that Warren could beat the front-runner, former Vice President Joe Biden. However, even as he praised Warren, he didn’t miss the chance to take a jab at her.

I hit Pocahontas way too early. I thought she was gone. She’s emerged from the ashes, and now it looks like she could beat Sleepy Joe. He’s falling asleep. He has no idea what the hell he’s doing or saying,” Trump told Republicans at their annual retreat on Thursday.

President Trump made these remarks while the Democratic candidates debated in Houston. While Biden made a strong showing in the beginning of the three-hour debate, he made a few slip-ups and appeared to be fatigued toward the end.

Washington Examiner reported that at one point, Biden said, “Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime,” which prompted a staffer to later clarify that he meant to say people should not be imprisoned for a “non-violent drug related crime.” Biden also called for parents to put the “record player on at night” so children can have the mental stimulation of hearing words.

What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think will win between Biden and Warren?

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