Trump and Melania go to dinner for two at Trump International Hotel in DC

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump spent their Saturday night by going out to dinner in Washington DC. The first couple were spotted enjoying a meal at the Trump International Hotel, as President Trump and Melania seem to be working out the latest kinks in their relationship.

The pair can be seen walking into the restaurant with class and style. Trump was wearing a black trench coat and what appears to be a suit with black dress shoes.

Just a few steps behind, Melania is clad in an all black suit, flashing a smile for the guests who rushed to snap pictures and videos of the first couple.

Meanwhile, the President commanded the attention and can be seen putting on the show to those watching and taking pictures of the couple.

Donald and Melania’s sighting is their first in a long time.

The mainstream media thought that President Trump and First Lady Melania’s relationship is falling apart, but as we can see from the pictures, they are enjoying their time together.

Snowflakes are self-deluded if they think that our great President Donald J. Trump or our great First Lady Melania Trump care at all about that made up fake story from the fake news.

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