Trump Praises ‘Incredible Job’ Of Doctors At Hospital Visit In Florida

As you know, President Trump and First Lady Melania went to Florida this weekend. There, they made a surprise visit to Broward Health North hospital and thanked the medical staff and first responders who managed to save a lot of victims from the Parkland shooting.

From Daily Caller:

President Trump praised the “speed” at which law enforcement officers reached Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when the first shots rang out to reporters gathered at the hospital.

“It’s very sad, something like that could happen. But the job the doctors did, the nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement, really incredible. The speed that they got the victims over to the hospital is like — one case 20 minutes, in one case 19 minutes from the time of the shots. It’s an incredible thing,” Trump told reporters at the hospital, also praising doctors for the “incredible jobs” they were doing with the victims.

Trump made the visit to the hospital two days after former student Nikolas Cruz opened fire on his old school, killing 17 and wounding multiple people.

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What a wonderful gesture from President Trump and First Lady Melania. This just shows you that America made the right choose in choosing Trump for President.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you approve of President Trump so far?

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