Trump Ridicules GOP Challenger Mark Sanford

President Trump brutally mocked former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for attempting to unseat Trump in a Republican primary challenge.

President Trump slammed Sanford for cheating on his wife while he was governor, saying that he was hiking the Appalachian Trial when he was actually in Argentina. Mark Sanfrod is joined by two other GOP challengers, Bill Weld and Joe Walsh.

When the former Governor of the Great State of South Carolina, @MarkSanford, was reported missing, only to then say he was away hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then was found in Argentina with his Flaming Dancer friend, it sounded like his political career was over. It was,.…” – Trump started.

He then continued, “…but then he ran for Congress and won, only to lose his re-elect after I Tweeted my endorsement, on Election Day, for his opponent. But now take heart, he is back, and running for President of the United States. The Three Stooges, all badly failed candidates, will give it a go!

Twitter went wild over Trump’s remarks. At the time of this writing, Trump’s tweet has over 5k retweets, 5k comments and 22k likes.

One person tweeted, ” Know what Donnie boy? I’m betting those three won their elections fair and square. Reminder to you repub voters: there is such a thing as writing in a name on a ballot.

Another person tweeted, “ Wow im surprised you have not said something disgusting about his wife jenny but its early yet .

One person said, ” They sure are stooges!

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