Trump Roasted Online For Attacking Scaramucci

President Trump kicked off the day by attacking Anthony Scaramucci, calling him a “nut job.”

Anthony Scaramucci is a highly unstable “nut job” who was with other candidates in the primary who got shellacked, & then unfortunately wheedled his way into my campaign. I barely knew him until his 11 days of gross incompetence-made a fool of himself, bad on TV. Abused staff,… ” – Trump started off.

He then continued, “ ….got fired. Wrote a very nice book about me just recently. Now the book is a lie? Said his wife was driving him crazy, “something big” was happening with her. Getting divorced. He was a mental wreck. We didn’t want him around. Now Fake News puts him on like he was my buddy!

However, the online community didn’t like this at all. They immediately went after Trump.

But, but, but,….you only hire the “Best” people!!! YOU, are the one who told us that! Did you forget about that, Grandpa?? ” – one person tweeted.

Another person said, ” Your polls are down, you are leading us into a recession, you’re unhinges and inept. We – the American people are asking lawmakers to band together and begin articles of impeachment. Timer time is NOW!!

You’re highly unstable. You turn on everyone sooner or later. Do you actually have any friends? Your wife and kids have a financial interest in sticking by you. But do they actually like you? ” – another person tweeted.

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