Trump Slams The Media As CNN’s Jim Acosta Displays His Anti-Trump Bias

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday night and ripped the media for its mendacity and network anchors who attended in the off-the-record luncheon – and then “quickly leaked the contents of the meeting.”

Before delivering his first Oval Office address on Tuesday, Trump followed White House tradition to invite journalists from the networks to the White House. In the off-the-record meeting, Trump discussed what he would say in his address, giving background that could be used after he had spoken.

Moments after the meeting, NYT reported that the president didn’t want to give the televised speech or travel to the southern border on Thursday, saying aides pressed him to do so. “It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it,” the Times reported him as saying.

“Gave an OFF THE RECORD luncheon, somewhat of a White House tradition or custom, to network anchors yesterday – and they quickly leaked the contents of the meeting. Who would believe how bad it has gotten with the mainstream media, which has gone totally bonkers!” Trump wrote on Twitter late Wednesday.

He also doubled down on the mainstream media, saying it’s more dishonest than ever.

“The Mainstream Media has NEVER been more dishonest than it is now. NBC and MSNBC are going Crazy. They report stories, purposely, the exact opposite of the facts. They are truly the Opposition Party working with the Dems. May even be worse than Fake News CNN, if that is possible!” he wrote.

On Thursday morning, before departing for Rio Grande in Texas, Trump said the MSM is falsely portraying Republicans in Congress as divided.

“There is GREAT unity with the Republicans in the House and Senate, despite the Fake News Media working in overdrive to make the story look otherwise. The Opposition Party & the Dems know we must have Strong Border Security, but don’t want to give ‘Trump’ another one of many wins!” he wrote.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jim Acosta is proving everything Trump says about the MSM true.

Appearing with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Acosta said Trump’s Oval Office address “probably should have come with a Surgeon General’s warning because it was hazardous to the truth.” Cuomo smiled and laughed at his cleverness.

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