Trump Snaps at April Ryan Over Future Meeting With Putin

President Trump snapped at CNN’s White House reporter April Ryan as he took questions from reporters in the Oval Office.

As Trump was sitting next to the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, he was asked how Russia has denied a statement of his. Trump’s statement in question is about Russia, that they are supposedly withdrawing military forces from Venezuela.

Well, let’s just see who’s right,” Trump said. “You’ll see in the end whose right okay? You just watch it. And we’ll see who’s right. Ultimately, I’m always right.

After that, CNN’s April Ryan asked Trump who he expects to meet with at the upcoming G20 Summit. However, when she tried to ask if he’ll be “ambushed” by national security officials when he meets Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Trump answered: “Well it’s probably easier because you people are so untrusting so it’s probably better.”

Would you like to be in the room? I can imagine you would be,” Trump continued with visible agitation. “I think it’s probably easier if we have people in the room because you people don’t trust anything.

You can watch the video here

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