Reporter asks Trump: ‘If you’re transparent, why block the House Dems?’

President Donald Trump welcomed Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to the White House on Monday. The pair sat down for talks about NATO and trade.

Orban’s hardline policies have attracted criticism from other European leaders, but appeared to find a more sympathetic audience in Trump.

During a press conference, President Trump said Mr. Orban was “respected all over Europe” and had “kept Hungary safe.”

The U.S. President was also challenged by White House pool reporters with questions on his current battle with House Dems.

“You talked about transparency, if you’re transparent, why block the House Democrats?” one pool reporter asked, likely referring to attempts to schedule interviews with former administration officials and to obtain the president’s tax returns.

“Because they’re asking for things that they’re not entitled to. I could ask them, I assume if they ask me, I could ask them for the same kind of thing,” Trump said, alluding to the effort to obtain his tax returns.

He also said that they are just trying to stop his administration from doing “really well.”

“So we’re doing really well, and all the Democrats want to do is find any way they can to stop it,” the president said. “They’re putting their own personal goals ahead of the country. You can’t do that. And we have a wonderful Attorney General. He’s done a very good job and I’m sure it will all work out.”

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