Vanessa Trump taken to hospital as precaution after suspicious letter sent to her home

Donald Trump Jr’s wife, Vanessa Trump recently was taken to a Manhattan hospital as a precaution on Monday after a suspicious letter containing an unidentified white substance was sent to her apartment. The reports were confirmed by a senior law enforcement and city officials.

The letter was originally addressed to Vanessa Trump’s husband, Donald Trump Jr, President Trump’s eldest child.

From NBC:

After the letter was opened, three people at the residence were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center strictly as a precaution, the New York City Fire Department said.

There is no indication anyone suffered any injuries and no sign that the substance was a hazardous material or a biological agent.

Police and Secret Service are investigating the incident.

Back in September, Trump Jr ditched his Secret Service detail for a period of time, reportedly because he wanted more privacy. But his detail was reactivated about a week later.

Let’s hope that nothing serious will happen to Vanessa Trump and the two other people affected by this letter.

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**This is a developing story.