WATCH: Vindman Complains About Being Attacked In The Press & Twitter

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman complained over attacks on him from the press and Social Media platforms when asked about his military attire and an instance during the testimony where he corrected Rep. Devin Nunes when he addressed him as “Mr. Vindman.”

“I see you’re wearing your dress uniform. Knowing that’s not the uniform of the day, and that you normally wear a suit to the White House, I think it’s a great reminder of your military service,” said Rep. Chris Stewart.

Stewart then asked Vindman about the moment when he chided with Nunes for not referring him by his rank.

“Very quickly, I’m curious when ranking member Nunes referred to you as ‘Mr. Vindman’ you quickly corrected him and wanted to be called ‘Lieutenant Colonel Vindman,’ do you always insist on civilians calling you by your rank?” Stewart wondered.

“I am in uniform wearing my military rank, I just thought it was appropriate to stick with that,” Vindman replied.

Vindman immediately clarified that he believed Nunes meant no disrespect.

“But the attacks that I’ve had in the press, in Twitter, have kind of eliminated the fact that [or] either marginalized me as a military officer,” Vindman began to explain before being cut off by Stewart, who reiterated that Nunes meant no disrespect to him.

Vindman’s decision to wear his military uniform during Tuesday’s testimony raised speculation as to what someone in his position should wear to Congress.

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