WATCH: Corey Lewandowski Speaks Out After 5 Hour Testimony

Following his hours-long hostile back-and-forth with the House Judiciary Committee, Corey Lewandowski showed up on Fox News to speak about his testimony. Lewandowski was speaking to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

They really focused on the president’s request to you to have a conversation with Jeff Sessions about removing Robert Mueller,” said MacCallum. “Would you say you never ended up doing, correct?

That’s right, I never met with Jeff Sessions,” said Lewandowski.

Why didn’t you?” MacCallum went on.

Because I went on vacation,” said Lewandowski. “It wasn’t a priority, to be honest with you. And I said this in the committee, the president asked me to have a conversation with Jeff Sessions, basically what is in the Mueller report. I testified to the fact I believe that to be accurate. And then I just never did it. So they want to talk about what may have transpired, had I spoken to Jeff Sessions. But it is all speculation, because I never had the conversation. So what is there to potentially talk about?

I mean, it looks like — let’s play representative Johnson on the spinal questioning. Watch.” MacCallum then showed a video of Rep. Hank Johnson saying that Lewandowski “chickened out” and Lewandowski’s reply that he went on vacation. This made everyone laugh in the room.

That got a lot of laughs,” said MacCallum.

It was the summertime, my kids wanted to go to the beach. So I took my kids to the beach,” said Lewandowski. “They make this seem like a big, nefarious idea. We went to the beach for two weeks. We went to Maine, had fun in the sun, big deal! Maybe Congressman Johnson has never been on vacation, I’m not sure, but when it came to the family, I decided to prioritize them over a potential message to Jeff Sessions.

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