WATCH: Don Jr Shuts Down Claims His Family Is Profiting Of Presidency

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump Jr if his family is profiting of Trump’s presidency. Donald Trump Jr shut down the rumors hard.

Washington Examiner reports that the question of whether or not the president has had financial gains as a result of his presidency has been a common theme throughout his two plus years in the Oval Office, but garnered renewed scrutiny following a report that an Air National Guard crew stayed at Turnberry, a golf course and resort in Scotland, owned by President Trump.

Today, Trump Jr showed up on Fox & Friends to discuss Trump’s reelection campaign and yesterday’s Democratic debates.

One of the things [Democrats are] saying is the president is using his office to benefit his business. You’re running his business: Airplanes stopping in Scotland where they normally wouldn’t. Are you guys benefiting financially from the president holding office?” Kilmeade asked.

It’s ridiculous,” Don Jr. replied. “First of all, he’s not involved at all with that things.

They also neglect to talk about the fact we voluntarily stopped doing any international deals,” he continued. “I mean, just think of the opportunity cost. The amount of deals that I have done over the last 10 years extrapolate that over the eight years of what will be his presidency — That is a lot of deals.

Someone bought a cheeseburger at Trump hotel!” the president’s son said, mocking critics. “It is asinine.”

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