WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Show Perfectly Nails Schiff With A Hilarious Video

The Greg Gutfeld Show shared a video of Adam Schiff, played by Tom Shilue, “trying” to take a selfie to impress the millennials and its hilarious.

Adam Schiff tries to take a selfie video. ” – tweeted Greg Gutfeld Show.

Yes, the Twitter community immediately responded to this.

One person said, ” This was a great one! Tom Shilue got Adam Schiff spot on! This is one of the better Adam Schiff skits! Keep them coming!

Another person said, ” He does such an awesome job at impersonating Schifty Schiff. I laugh EVERY time!

So funny last night.Thanks for the laughs.Always look forward to the informative & funny take on this crazy world we live in . ” – one person tweeted.

“Thank you for actually playing my response properly, to such a ridiculous question about our current POTUS. Thanks Greg, kudos to you and your team” – another person tweeted.

One person tweeted, ” Crazy how the expressions are spot on. I love these segments, hysterical. He does the best impression of Schiff.

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