WATCH: House Dem Booed Onstage After Supporting Impeachment Inquiry

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin faced huge backlash from her constituents after she recently supported impeachment inquiry into Trump.

During a town hall in Hartland, Slotkin’s remarks were interrupted by boos and hecklers as she opened the session discussing a Washington Post op-ed. In the op-ed, Rep. Slotkin and six colleagues wrote explaining their support of an impeachment inquiry.

I wanted you to know from me directly why I made that decision. I know clearly there’s lots of disagreement in the room,” said Slotkin, 43. “But what I owe you as your representative is to be open and transparent about how I made that decision, so I wanted to tell you about it.

The comment drew a mix of booing and clapping from the crowd.

As you know there have been people who have been calling for impeachment for a long time, even before I got into Congress in January, and I have not been supportive of an impeachment inquiry up until now,” she said.

Rep. Slotkin argued to her constituents that she changed her mind after reports of Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky.

Very specifically the issue that got to me was this idea that the president, the most powerful man in the world, reached out to a foreigner, a foreign leader, and asked him to dig up dirt on an American,” Slotkin said. 

Attendees erupted yelling, “Not true!” Others interrupted the congresswoman saying, “Fake news!”

So, this is something the president himself acknowledged. This is something that the president’s lawyer acknowledged. This is something this is not he’s not disputing that fact,” Slotkin said. “What he is disputing, and I acknowledge it completely, is whether there was a quid pro quo a trade for our military assistance in exchange for information in there.

The interruptions continued to the point where one woman yelled out, “Foreign leaders help each other all the time!

Slotkin responded, “I’m sorry, ma’am. They don’t.

Another woman replied, “They helped Biden!

The room began to grow louder, and at one point one woman screamed, “She’s our representative and we want answers!” The same woman can be heard again shouting, “We don’t want lies!

Serves her right for changing her mind!

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