WATCH: Jim Jordan Brutally Shuts Down David Holmes In Tense Clash

Rep. Jim Jordan shut down David Holmes during the impeachment hearing today over his testimony about what he heard on the call between Trump and Zelensky.

Jordan challenged Holmes on his testimony that he overheard Trump pushing Gordon Sondland on investigations during a phone call. Jordan took particular issue with Holmes’ claim that he briefed Ambassador Bill Taylor on what he heard about this.

Throughout this time, as I testified, we were trying to find a formula. Things we could do with Ukrainians to convince the president that they were worth talking to,” Holmes said.

Jordan then responded, “Maybe, maybe, Mr. Holmes, the takeaway was [Taylor] thought it was no big deal because he already knew? He didn’t remember, because we already had the transcript.

No, I…” Holmes stuttered and Jordan went on the offensive, “He didn’t remember the… we had the… the Trump-Zelensky transcript had been out for two months.

As Holmes tried to find words again, Jordan continued to shut him down.

Minutes later, Schiff aid, “Mr. Jordan, please do not interrupt the witness any further. Mr. Holmes, Mr. Jordan’s time has expired but yours has not.

I briefed the call in detail to the deputy chief of mission, went away for a week, come back, referred to the call, and everyone is nodding, of course that’s what’s going on. Of course the president is pressing for a Biden investigation before he’ll do these things the Ukrainians want,” Holmes said.

It was nodding agreement. So did I go through every single word of the call? No, because everyone by that point agreed. It was obvious what the president was pressing for, and Ambassador Taylor, as you just outlined, had all those other interactions.

But he didn’t share it with us!” Jordan snapped, to continued protests from Schiff.

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