WATCH: Nunes Has Had Enough – Rips Schiff For Giving Dems Extra Time

Rep. Devin Nunes slammed Schiff and the Democrats for giving themselves extra time to question witnesses during today’s hearing.

After a 15 minute questioning by Schiff and Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman, Nunes inquired whether committee Republicans should “expect anymore of these magical 15 minute motions.

Schiff pointed to House Resolution 660 to justify the longer time spent questioning the witnesses, a rule that according to Schiff allows for “successive rounds of up to 45 minutes, so this is part of the prescribed procedure under the House resolution.

Nunes argued that by using this rule, the Democrats illustrated “how out of control this process has become.” He also added that the Democrats should have had “the decency to tell us that you are going to have 15 minutes more.

He then fired off towards Rep. Schiff.

You can go four hours, we can go five hours, we’ll give you all you want, you can keep digging if you want, the deeper the hole you dig, I think the more viewers will turn off, because people just aren’t buying the drug deal that you guys are trying to sell,” Nunes told Schiff.

Interestingly enough, Schiff and Nunes didn’t look at each other during this back-and-forth.

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