White House close to exposing Trump schedule leaker

President Donald Trump has ordered his staff to find the White House “mole” who leaked his private schedules which consisted largely of “executive time.”

The search has been approved by Trump’s acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney.

According to Politico, White House officials said they have enlisted computer specialists and IT professionals in their search, which is now progressing.

The White House is closing in on the staffer or staffers who leaked Trump’s schedule to the press, Mulvaney announced on Sunday.

Since Axios published three months of the president’s schedules, the White House has been searching for the person responsible for the leak. The schedules showed that “Executive Time” — or time for which nothing was planned for Trump — accounted for roughly 60 percent of Trump’s schedule.

Mulvaney appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” and said the person behind the leak is “likely” a career government worker and said the White House is “hoping to have a resolution” this week.

“When you find that person or persons, and it’s likely going to be a career staffer, you’re going to learn a lot about how hard it is to fire federal workers,” Mulvaney said.

The leak of Trump’s schedules “sheds light on the fact that many people who work for us weren’t hired for us,” he added.

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